Alex Gemici entered the finance sector over 30 years ago and has since honed in on his expertise in financial products, capital placement, debt structuring, commercial and residential real estate, asset management, and business strategy. He has founded and successfully managed numerous firms both locally and internationally.

Alex Gemici’s current focus is with Greenstone Equity Partners, where he serves as the CEO and Founding Partner. Greenstone Equity Partners is a fund placement firm which fills the important niche of creating a “Bridge to Middle Eastern Capital.” As of today, it is the largest fund placement firm in the Middle East, raising over $2.8 billion for its clients. Alex is dedicated to tracking the evolving landscape of GCC investors, taking into consideration weighty factors such as sociopolitical change and present underweighted allocations.

Alex Gemici’s team prides themselves on their ability to foster close relationships with various institutions and family offices across the region, which includes corporate offices, valuable high net worth individuals, financial entities, and sovereign wealth funds.

Alex Gemici is also the Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director of World Business Lenders. This firm provides small businesses with the capital they need in order to grow their business. Where a small business might meet problems based on the owner’s personal credit score, World Business Lenders, instead, focuses on the overall health of the company, rather than their credit score.

Alex’s passion piqued during his relocation to Dubai. He enjoyed the diverse and high-potential financial market of the region, as well as its impressive technological advances and overall strides in business development. He was also interested in the transformation of legacy practices to align more with Western practices. Greenstone has advised venture deals for countries such as Oman and continues to grow its presence in the GCC region.

Prior to founding and working with Greenstone, Alex Gemici led Deutsche Bank’s real estate finance, mortgage origination, trading and warehouse lending businesses in Northern Africa and the Middle East, where he served as Managing Director. It was in 2009 when Alex was relocated to Dubai in order to open a new division of Deutsche Bank.

His entrepreneurial leadership and expansive knowledge on all things business development, real estate, and finance have allowed his clients to see success! Alex Gemici is interested in the gradual transformation of legacy business practices in the Middle East to more Westernized methods.