6 basic steps in relationship building & strengthening your brand’s reputation

J.Bannister Personal Branding

Tomorrow is a big day for me and by extension J. Bannister Personal Branding. To say that I have not been ultra anal about every single detail of the World of Work- Fab from Face to Feet  workshop would be a lie. While I have partnered with several brands to offer added value to registrants, there was one in particular that inspired today’s post. The merchant had never met me, but saw my Facebook post for brand partners and reached out to me, because, in her words, I seemed honest, straightforward and my brand seemed very professional.  This endorsement, though small, really added fuel to my declining tank. It also led me to to think about a few things that brands can do that seem small, but add up and can really make a difference when building relationships with stakeholders, and by that I mean customers as well as other businesses. Sometimes it’s…

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