Brazil: When crisis means opportunity

Go South! Consulting Inc.

sao_paulo_brasil-cc-yb-sa-wikipediaBrazil is unique in Latin America, not just because they speak Portuguese, but also because the way they do business differs from their Spanish-speaking neighbors.

Brazil, the saying goes, is really many Brazils—regional differences across this enormous country are striking.

With one legal system, one language, one currency, with a population of 200 million consumers—Brazil is tantalizing for foreign investors, but oh-so-tricky to pull off in practice. Brazil has one of the most advanced financial systems in the world, but also presents one of the most complicated and bureaucratic taxation systems in the world. This intimidates companies wanting to do business in Brazil but these obstacles are manageable. By partnering with a local company, or hiring a Brazilian representative on the ground, you can better take advantage of the many opportunities to do business in the country.

Today in 2016, Brazil is going through one of the worst economic crises…

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