Employees with Tenure: Finally Validation for Jumping Ship

Shop Girl Anonymous

Until just this week I thought perhaps it was only retail and perhaps only the company I worked for that practiced unfair compensation habits for their employees and managers with long tenure.  Out of 13 stores that I oversaw as a district manager at least half of my managers had been managers for nearly a decade, which in retail is a lifetime.  That means these mangers were my predecessors, and sadly they made a significant amount less than I had as a store manager.

Like most companies we offered an annual employee evaluation every January.  And based on the results you could offer a raise from 3-5%.  If a higher percentage was offered to Manager “A” then I would have to deduct a similar amount from Manager “B”‘s raise amount.  Sadly this small percentage of annual wage increases has not exactly kept up with the inflation rates that have occurred around us…

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