Talk about what you have done

The Secret Sales Director

I was talking with Marketing the other day (a mind numbing event in itself) and they were pressing us for more press releases.

“We want something every month forward for each facility!” came the battle cry.

“What if there genuinely isn’t something worthy of telling our customers” was my response.

“Tell us about some projects you have won or work ongoing”

At this point I resorted to silence (see Crucial Conversations) as resorting to fight in a meeting generally doesn’t end well.

This final comment always gets me animated.  Tell the customer about a project you have won.  As if this announcement to the world was ground breaking and people wanted to read about how great we are for winning a contract.  This for me is riddled with problems from the start.  Firstly, this isn’t news.  You, as a sales professional have done your job.  It is what you are…

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