Tips for Tumblr SEO

Dany Shop

tumblr SEO The blog sites that you publish on Tumblr are most of the time indexed in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is not always the case though and you may need to do something like add a video or build some backlinks to it to get it to index.  There are a lot of people on the internet that have the belief that you cant do much with a  Tumblr blog site  Hopefully our short list here will give you some tips and tricks to improve your Tumblr presence.

1. Craft an engaging keyword and include it in the title. Make sure you have a custom-made URL for each of the posts and include the finest keyword in the title.

2. Choose cool and engaging images: While including images or images, Tumblr will pop out a description window. The description needs to be keyword abundant and relevant…

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